Welcome to our website.

My name is Vic, I'm the Owner/Broker of Ichor Financial. I know each client has specific needs so I strive to meet those specific needs with individual attention, a wide array of mortgages products/investment tools and the best quality service for every client. Knowledge and understanding of bank requirements allows me to close even the hardest loans all while providing some of the lowest rates in the industry.

When I created Ichor Financial, my main goal was to provide my clients the absolute best rate on their mortgages because I understand how important it can be for a family to save. From day one I set my rates lower than industry averages to ensure my clients always had the lowest rate and lowest mortgage payment possible.

No matter the difficulty of the loan, I always strive to make the lending process as simple as possible for my clients.

Feel free to contact me directly on my cell phone with questions regarding the mortgage process, 818-640-0048. You can also email me at Vic@ichorFinancial.com.